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The intent of Ransom Wine Co. is to create artisan crafted wines that exemplify true varietal character and express the individuality of the growers, vineyard sites, and vintages. Our belief is that wine is best made by hand with minimal intervention and minimal use of mechanization, chemicals, computers, and high tech laboratory analyses. Winemaking decisions are mainly based on taste, the other four senses, a small degree of common sense, instinct, and of course what the grapes themselves want to do. Call it path of least resistance, laziness, low budget or anything that seems to fit. We prefer to call it "keeping it real". Very hands on, low tech, low hype. Committed to helping reduce planetary toxicity, the majority of fruit sourced for Ransom Wine Co. is farmed organically or biodynamically. All of the Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Gewurztraminer bottled under the Ransom label is made from organically farmed grapes. We also have an additional label called "Jigsaw" which is a blend of Pinot Noir from organically and conventionally farmed vineyards. Another of our major commitments is to provide the highest quality, food friendly wines at a cost that allows for an affordable daily ritual of sharing wine, meals and company. We believe that wine itself is a food and should be an integral part of everyday meals. Drinking premium quality, handcrafted wines does not need to be either expensive or pretentious. It should not outweigh the food in either expense or emphasis, but instead compliment the food and add to the sense of delight and fulfillment found in gathering to eat and drink. it is the function of wine to enhance fellowship, discussion, and the exchange of ideas. So visit the market, invite over friends and family, and raise a toast to health and happiness through good meals, conversation and socializing.
Ransom Jigsaw Pinot Noir 2014

Ransom Jigsaw Pinot Noir 2014

All the talk in the wine world these days is about the 16' Chablis vintage completely destroyed by hail and the Cote de Beaune freezing over. We don't hear much about someone who is praising the weather.  Tad Seestedt, owner of Ransom, called the 2014 the vintage of a lifetime.   ... more



Ransom Cabernet Franc 2013

Ransom Cabernet Franc 2013

Oregon's Rogue Valley is ripe for the reinterpretation of Bordeaux varietals, and this Cabernet Franc is true to both its heritage and the wild terroir of the southern Cascades. The wine is a lustrous violet hue in the glass, offering vivid aromas of elderberry and Szechuan peppercorn. A juicy streak ... more


in mixed case $26.60


Ransom Reds Blend 2015

Ransom Reds Blend 2015

The intent of Ransom Wine Company is to create artisan crafted wines that exemplify true varietal character and express the individuality of the growers, vineyard sites, and vintages.  more


in mixed case $21.85


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