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Domaine Paul Blanck & Fils

Domaine Paul Blanck & Fils
In 1610, Hans Blanck, the family's Austrian ancestor, acquired the first vines in Alsace. In 1846, Jacques Philippe Blanck obtained a medal for his work as a winemaker. In 1927, Paul Blanck and a handful of other winemakers were recognised as the driving force behind turning the site of Schlossberg into a pilot site for a future grand cru. In 1975, with the creation of the grand cru appellation in Alsace, Bernard and Marcel Blanck, the sons, played a determining role. Schlossberg was the first to be assigned this appellation. In 1985 came a new generation of winemakers : Frédéric and Philippe. Their main preoccupation is respecting the vines and the soil upon which they are planted. the Domain has increased its surface area from 24 to 36 hectares with five grands crus accounting for more than a third. Family spirit is a reality for the Blancks. The proof is that two generations of Blancks work hand in hand. The sons, Frédéric and Philippe work incessantly under the supervision of Bernard and Marcel to improve their wines and move in new directions. The Blanck's main objective is to create wines of pure pleasure for wine-lovers throughout the world. The thirty different wines from the property can be separated into three main types: Fruity wines which enable the wine-lover to discover the aromatic finesse of the Alsace grape varieties ; Wines with stony characteristics. The generic wines and grand crus which express the plenitude of limestone, the sweetness and firmness of clay, the harmony of manganese an the racy bouquet and power coming from silica; The late harvest and "grains nobles" wines issued from over ripe grapes which are mysterious, opulent, complex and exhuberant.
Domaine Paul Blanck & Fils Classique Riesling 2016

Domaine Paul Blanck & Fils Classique Riesling 2016

Nose of elderflower and apple granny-smith. Beautiful texture and beautiful structure, finely spritzy, that makes you salivate. Finale of stone fruit, citrus zest of oranges almost spicy. Pairing: Will do very well with white fleshed fish, such as sole or fresh-water fish. Baked cod with olive oil and lemon. « ... more


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Domaine Paul Blanck & Fils Pinot Blanc d'Alsace 2015

Domaine Paul Blanck & Fils Pinot Blanc d'Alsace 2015

Color: Intense straw yellow. Nose: At first , lemon is expressed. After aeration, the aromas of flowers, peach and apricot pits, skins of grapefruit dominate. Taste: very nice start , the wine is then fresh and well balanced.  more


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Domaine Paul Blanck & Fils Classique Gewurztraminer 2016

Domaine Paul Blanck & Fils Classique Gewurztraminer 2016



in mixed case $25.65


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