Weird. Vienna is the only capital city in the world with grape vines growing within the city limits. And weirder yet, from those vines they produce a wine called Gemischter Satz. That’s Gem –isch –ter –Satz, literally translated as “mixed set”. Austrian law requires all the grapes for this wine to be picked on the same day, crushed, and fermented together as one "mixed set" cuvée. As different grapes ripen at different times, Winemaker Herr Franz Wieninger makes meticulous decisions about the exact day to harvest more than 13 different indigenous Austrian varietals he has co-planted. The result is a Wiener Wien, (its alright to laugh it means wine from Vienna) woven together like fine fabric showing different shades and textures with each whiff and taste. Franz won’t reveal the exact blend of his 2013 Gemischter Satz but, hey, that’s the fun of trying it yourself! To do so, call the store at (203) 655 - 9045 or email me. I hope you'll give it a try.

2013 Wieninger Gemischter Satz
Regular Price - $25.00 the bottle
Bringing The Weird Price - $21.00 the bottle

A wild nose and palate, the varietals show their unique personalities: the Pinot Blanc appears first with lemony brightness, Grüner Veltliner with its soft, warm orchard fruit, Riesling wafts a sexy perfume and Slyvaner naturally transposing the loess terroir of mineral notes. An exciting experience, there’s no way to pin this wine down, a kaleidoscope constantly morphing capturing the thrill, of a weird, yet super refreshing mix.