Friday Froth - Trail Magic
This past Monday I crossed through the Appalachian Trail’s fabled Sage's Ravine. With 51.7 miles of the AT behind me and humbly elated by completing the trail’s Connecticut segment, I was sobered by realizing that the sleepy forest still holds 13 states and over 2000 miles for me to conquer.

I’m looking forward to hiking the rest of the trail because with each step you take through the Appalachian’s you become part of a larger community. Everyone you pass on the trail is happy. And trail neighbors love the "thru" hikers. They set up grills to cook burgers and pass out cookies. Some neighbors drop off coolers filled to the top with ice cold drinks – often energy giving beer.

And in typical trail tradition, hikers like me, leave behind more than they’ve taken. I left behind a six pack of my beloved Austin EastCider. And this week, for our Friday Froth, I thought I’d offer you the same chance to experience a bit of AT Magic. We’ll have the cider chilled and ready for you to taste (some fresh cheeses too from farms near the trail) for you to taste,

These days seem a bit divisive with groups drawing lines and taking separate sides. A little trail magic might help to bring us all together. It would be beautiful to see. I’m going to focus on doing that for a while. No worries, the mountains will always be there.

Austineast Cider 6 pack
Using real cider apples makes all the difference. A little grassy with biscuits and apple. A kiss of wood leads to an extremely dry and refreshing finish. If you pair it with Westfield Farm Capri Ayrshire Fresh cheese you’ll have just a little more magic.


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