I still remember the Bloody Mary bar at (what was then) John Harvard’s in Saugatuck. I’d go there on Sundays with my Black Rock crew and we’d take the place by storm. With a pint glass of ice and vodka in hand we’d mix ‘n’ match our selected ingredients until our individual masterpieces were just right. Then we’d dig into Sunday brunch and probably go up for another Bloody … or two.

Sourcing and setting up a host of ingredients dedicated to crafting your personalized Bloody Mary isn’t as easy as grabbing a ready to go mix. I’ll grant you that. But you can still have fun with tasty options! The Crop Harvest Earth Organic Cucumber Vodka makes a great choice, imparting a refreshing, vibrant and “cooling” experience to the final cocktail. For the slightly more adventurous, replace your vodka with gin – this version is called a Ruddy Mary. Hendrick’s Gin, infused with essences of rose petal and English Cucumber, still provides that freshness but with a touch of pretty floral sweetness.

Don’t forget your garnish! The Crisp & Co. Spicy Dilly Beans are the perfect choice to top off your Sunday pick-me-up and is certainly more interesting than a stalk of celery. You probably want to know our option for a ready to go mix? We recommend using Manny’s Ultimate Bloody Mary.

You deserve to have tasty and exciting Sundays with a tasty and exciting Bloody Mary. You can find all these ingredients here at Nicholas Roberts. Give us a call or reply to this email and we’ll set you up with vodka, gin, beans and mix.

- Juan