The two wines I am opening this afternoon are the 2003 Clos Mimi Westerly Vineyard Syrah and the 2007 Demuth Kemos Mountain Terraces Cabernet Sauvignon. Both wines are truly Californian in style but show a certain finesse that many producers just can't seem to capture. Both are also very limited in production and availability. Only 105 cases of the Clos Mimi were produced. Seven of those cases came to CT. I've got them locked up. Fans of big, rich, bold, teeth staining wines will flock to Clos Mimi for its richness and power. But winemaker Tim Spear (his resume is pretty impressive coerced balance and precision into this monster Syrah so that even those seeking finesse won't be offended. This bottle demands extreme patience. It needs a full day to breathe.

I know I have spoken of the Demuth Kemos wines before. Their wines are a prized possession of mine and to be honest, I'm shocked we have access to it. The 07 Mountain Terrace is a gem from a spectacular vintage. The Demuth Kemos winery is no bigger than my store. It's run by Peter Kemos and Eric Demuth whose families happen to own outstanding vineyards. Their grapes are sought after by some of California's best. 136 cases produced. 15 came to CT. Guess who has them all locked up. We've had this wine since December 2011 but the cases are beginning to dwindle. I thought I would give you one last shot at it.

Finally, I was introduced to Ratafia this week. The definitions of Ratafia vary depending on who you asked but I've come to understand the process as a distilled spirit(typically a brandy) that is flavored with almonds, peach, cherry, or apricot kernels, or soft fruit. it is similar to noyau. Well, I found a producer, Didier Meuzard who has an interesting spin on Ratafia. As I understand it, Mons. Meuzard produces a brandy from grapes. He then uses grape juice to halt the distillation and brings the Abv level to 16%. In a way, it's kind of the opposite of port. But what makes Mons. Meuzard's Ratafia so special is that he is the only producer that is allowed to bring his still to the vineyards themselves. You will not believe his sources! I'd love to share more of the history of ratafia and Meuzard's sources but to do that, you'll have to join me today from 2 pm until 4 pm.

Demuth Kemos Mountain Terraces Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

This very steep vineyard’s Cabernet fruit is grown in two distinct blocks: Phase-2 fruit grown in rhyolitic, white ash soil yields a bright red fruit profile, substantial tannic structure and high acidity. Phase-3 grapes are ... more



in mixed case $62.70


Clos Mimi Westerly Vineyard Syrah 2003

I am proud to announce the release of Clos Mimi's newest single vineyard wine, the 2003 "westerly vineyard" Syrah. For most Syrah connoisseurs the term "La La" refers to one of Marcel and Philippe GUIGAL's ... more



in mixed case $43.70