The magical mystery case is back! But you’ve got to act fast! Here’s why – we don’t want to work on January 1st and 2nd counting inventory!
So here’s the deal, I’ve put together two kinds of mystery cases. Mystery Case 1 is a $400 - $425 value which you get for $300. Mystery Case 2 is a $650-$700 value which you get for $500. You can buy one of each but only two cases per customer. And here’s an extra feature – you can pick the number of reds and the number of whites you want in each case and then the rest is up to us.
Place your order and (pay for it) by 9:00 AM Wednesday December 30th - Mystery Solved.
In good taste,

Nicholas Roberts Mystery Case - $300.00
Go ahead and tell us you’d like a mix of reds and whites or all reds or all whites. But that’s all you get to decide. The rest is up to use. Not to worry, cases average between $400 and $425 in value.

The Next Level Mystery Case - $500.00
It’s the same idea as above expect your stepping up your game. And so are we.
Cases average $650 to $700 in value.