Here’s the boring part: The moscato (Italian for muscat) grape is one of the most widely grown grapes through out the world. The moscato giallo, however, its yellow skinned version, is predominately grown in northern Italy and in Germany.

Here’s the part you probably didn’t know: We’re not talking globby, weighty, sugary wines although the moscato grape is often vinified into globby, weighty, sugary wines and sometimes into not so interesting sparkling wines.

Here’s some important information about two different wines vinified from the moscato grape:
2011 Francesco Moser Moscato Giallo - $27 per bottle
The moscato giallo grape is the main grape grown on the Maso Villa Warth holding of the Francesco Moser vineyards. The 2011 has the color of summer straw with fresh flavors of peach and nectarine. It has the aromatics of summer flowers. It is light bodied but its texture is firm. It reflects the superb winemaking technique of Francesco Moser and his family.
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2011 Marcarini Moscato D'Asti - $18 per bottle
Effervescent, pleasing yellow straw color, lingering aromas of peaches and plums, bubbles that tease, the nose, nice balance of acidity and sweetness. Marcarini Estates in Piedmont are some of the best sites in Italy for growing and producing this classic sparkler.
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Here’s my point:
There are several types of wines that come from the moscato grape. One face of the moscato is the moscato giallo which you might serve at the start of your meal. The other face of the moscato grape is the moscato D’Asti which you might serve with a peach pie at the end.