In January of 2015 news hit the wine industry that Jackson Family Wines purchased Siduri Wines. Twitter exploded with mixed opinions. Some griped that owners Adam and Dianna Novy Lee “sold out” and their wines would never be the same. Others offered congratulations, opining it was Adam and Dianna’s opportunity to get back to what they were always comfortable doing - making wine. I’ll admit I had a hat in both rings.

My concern was Jackson Family Wines would dictate the winemaking techniques and style Adam and Dianna were to produce. Instead, what we’re finding is that Adam and Dianna maintain full control of grape selection and winemaking process. I’m told that Jackson Family Wines will simply handle the business side of Siduri, which is music to Adam and Dianna’s ears.

In the early ‘90s, Adam and Diana Novy Lee left their native Texas with the dream of making high quality Pinot Noir in Sonoma, California. For the first few years they gathered experience anywhere they could, soaking up as much farming knowledge and winemaking knowledge that they could retain. In 1994, they answered an advertisement in a local trade publication to purchase grapes by the ton from an Anderson Valley vineyard. They agreed, instead, to purchase grapes by the acre. Their belief is that all great wine is produced in the vineyard, not the cellar. The idea was to farm the land themselves, dropping yields to ensure ripe, balanced fruit. Their first wine was produced in 1994 and was promptly given 90 points by the famed Robert Parker Jr. Drop by the store this weekend and I’ll tell you the story of how that when down. The review catapulted Siduri into the national spotlight and their risk was rewarded.

Owning a business is difficult. You have to make a variety of decisions that make you step outside your comfort zone on an almost daily basis. The reward is having the opportunity to step inside your comfort zone whenever business gets challenging. I have comfort zones throughout Nicholas Roberts. I can find comfort on the sales floor. I can find comfort in writing. I can find comfort in building relations with my suppliers and clients. And I can certainly find comfort evaluating wines for you, my clients. Adam and Dianna Novy Lee find comfort in their winemaking and family. Now that Jackson Family Wines is handling the business side of winery ownership, they can be comfortable every day. I’d say that’s a win for Siduri and its fans. Please email me, Peter Troilo, to place your order today. Delivery will be Thursday, February 25th.
In good taste,

2013 Siduri Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
Comfort Zone Price - $23.00 the bottle, $248.40 the case
I thought it best to allow Adam’s tasting notes to shine. He’s the winemaker and has intimate knowledge of the vintage. I can give a ringing endorsement of the wine saying it is a classically styled Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and a fantastic price. Something we can all take comfort in. Here are Adam’s thoughts on the wine. “The 2013 Siduri Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is a forward fruited Pinot Noir, with bright red cherry and raspberry flavors. The wine is medium bodied, with hints of underbrush and forest floor, and a long lingering finish. This wine represents what we think is a fantastic value in Oregon Pinot Noir and is great for drinking over the next several years.”