This week, I took @GSElevator's advice and returned to old school pen and paper for listing goals and tasks. To the left is a picture of today's list. It is short and sweet, but not so simple. It all has to be done by 5:00 PM so I can sneak out the back alley and head for MSG to enjoy myself at the Phish show. It's a little "down time" I like to give myself at the end of the year - almost a tradition. But I still have numbers to hit. So here is our last offer of the year featuring our three best selling wines of 2015 and "baller" wine for anyone who wants to join me in a little "splurge". I've priced the best sellers at state minimum as an extra incentive (again, I have numbers to hit). Place your order by 5:00 PM today and we'll deliver locally by 6:00 PM tomorrow. All you have to do is email me.
In good taste,

2014 Domaine Jacourette Rose - $17 the bottle
It doesn't surprise us that our number one selling wine of the year is a rose. It's not just for summer anymore. Rose has become a year round wine that is perfect for sipping before dinner. Jacourette is a textbook Provence wine. Think Domaine Ott at one quarter the price.

2014 Jean Luc Colombo Les Collines de Laure Syrah - $18 the bottle
This doesn't surprise us either. Rich, balanced, fruit forward with a touch of spice on the silky finish. It's an everyday red perfect for any occasion. Produced by one of the greatest Syrah producers in the world, we are really happy to see wine enthusiasts warming to the grape variety.

2014 La Petite Perriere Sauvignon Blanc - $10 the bottle
Well, I guess there are no surprises this year. When you make tasty, crisp, melon filled Sauvignon Blanc and only charge $10 for a bottle, you're going to make a lot of people happy. This wine has certainly done that.

2012 Flanagan Syrah
Regular Price - $90 the bottle
Hit My Numbers Price - $75 the bottle

This is my "baller" wine of the year. If you truly understand the potential of Syrah, you'll understand the deep complexity and sense of terroir that this wine delivers. Rhone varietals are what makes the best wines in California. Flanagan has produced what, for me, was the most impressive wine I put on my palate this year. Wine enthusiasts would be remiss to not experience this wine.