2010 Chavy Chouet Bourgogne Blanc
There are so many reasons to be excited about this wine but I’ll just give you the basics: the grapes - most of Chavy’s vineyard properties are in Meursault and Puligny so we can make a pretty good guess that is where most of the fruit is grown; the texture - the minerality of Meursault and the weight of Puligny Montrachet; the flavors - a showcase of gorgeous baked apple fruit with just a touch of talc; it’s finish - super clean with just a faint touch of oak; the price – it would be downright foolish of you to pass up a 100% Burgundian chardonnay at this price. Temperatures are dropping; roast a chicken, invite a friend or two, open a bottle or two. Act quickly. I have a small parcel arriving today ready for the weekend. More on the way but much later in the week.
Regular Price - $26.00 per bottle
Email Special - $23.00 per bottle

Emailing your order today is your best chance of having the wine for the weekend.

The Blind Sommelier
Did you see the article about us in The Darien Times this week? We are working on expanding our business but that isn’t the only news. We brought the ultra-talented Amy Dixon to our team. Amy has 18 years of wine buying experience tucked in her resume with some impressive, large firms. Working with her to select new wines for the store and improve our offerings to you is the first goal. Amy is visually impaired so when you come by this Saturday to meet her, you’ll also meet Elvis, Guiding Eyes for the Blind Labrador. Elvis is uber- friendly, loves kids and kids love him. Her first notes for Nicholas Roberts Fine Wines appear in today's Notes From Our Sommelier.

We Did It!
After locking the door last Saturday, I stayed late to get an accurate count of our inventory. We needed it to properly launch our new sales system that controls our inventory and let’s you know exactly what you purchased. Now, when you ask the question “What was that wine I bought last week?” We don’t have to guess, we can tell you exactly what it was. Furthermore, you’ll get a detailed receipt delivered right to your email. The system is really quite amazing. We’re still a little slow on it as we get used to the program. But so far, the response has been terrific.

Upcoming Events
Be sure to stay tuned to the event calendar on our website. There’s quite a bit happening this fall including our first Wine Workshop on September 26th. We’ve also slated our annual Grand Harvest Tasting for November 16th. Veterans to this event know to mark that day on the calendar and reserve it. This year’s event will be bigger than ever and we have some surprises in store. More details to come by the end of the month.

Collector Alert
Next week, we will be releasing the 2010 vintage of Joseph Phelps Insignia, one of California’s most iconic wines. The price is right where I expected it to be, $220 per bottle. That price has held steady for quite some time. I did some research on the wine and you might be interested to see how the wine stacks up in terms of price to other California “cult” wines and first growth Bordeaux. Check it out here. Then make a quick decision. The 2010 will sell fast.

This morning I learned that famed Burgundy importer Peter Wasserman was the victim of wine theft. Last night, his family's cellar in Burgundy was broken into and a large portion of it stolen. If you are a collector who frequently purchases older wines from websites and email lists, you can help Mr. Wasserman by looking out for offers featuring these wines. Please follow this link for more information.

It’s certainly been an exciting week around here. We have just under 60 cases of wine arriving today and plenty of new beers will hit the cooler. Now that the inventory is counted and the new system launch, we can work on getting re-stocked with the new items we’ve discovered. It’s been a long summer and now we welcome the fall. I hope to see you this weekend!
In good taste,