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Fattoria Dei Barbi Morellino Di Scansano 2009
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Sale Price: $15 per bottle

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Here's what we know about the wine:
This is the Maremma area’s most classic wine, the finest expression of this region rich in history, culture and landscape. Here the Sangiovese grape is traditionally called Morellino, and as opposed to the rest of Tuscany it is particularly well-rounded and rich in tannin. This peculiarity is due to the exceptional sunlight and moderating effect of the nearby sea which, after the heat of the day, cools and revitalizes the vines with moisture-laden breezes. The Vivaio dei Barbi is located on a hill of sandy soil and loose rocks overlooking the Albegna valley and dominates the sea along Monte Argentario from its 250 meters of altitude. Barbi Morellino is made mainly of Sangiovese grapes, which in this area manage to reach outstanding levels of ripeness and richness in polyphenols, and 15% Merlot. The wine is well-structured and balanced, with velvety tannins and a lively acidity. Even though its roots are ancient, its taste is modern and captivating. It is an ideal wine for hearty meat dishes, roasts, and the grilled wild boar meat typical of Maremma cooking, and for charcuterie and particularly flavorful cheeses. This wine breaks the rules in its own way, since it pairs beautifully with fish soups and in general any type of fish cooked with spices or tomato sauce.