We hear comments like, "I can only drink white wine. The sulfites in red wine give me such a headache." Without writing a dissertation or getting into a lengthy discussion regarding the merits and inherent evils of sulfites, let’s just say there are a lot of things wrong with that statement. Here are two simple facts:
  • Dried fruit generally contains more sulfites than a glass of wine
  • Red wine generally contains less sulfites than white wine.
That pounding headache you sometimes experience in the morning is a simple matter of dehydration. As you enjoy a glass or three of wine during the evening, alcohol will dehydrate your body allowing toxins in to wreak havoc. The higher the percentage of alcohol in your wine, the more susceptible you are to dehydration, the greater the chance for a pounding headache in the morning. On Friday night, we introduced four wines with relatively low alcohol levels. Here are my tasting notes.

2012 Croix de Basson Rosé - $17 per bottle
A blend of half grenache and half cinsault from Cotes de Provence, France. Delicate aromas of raspberry with a touch of maritime air. Fruit flavors are fresh and crisp, with a honeyed note. Finishes long and dry.
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2012 Monte del Fra Bardolino - $13 per bottle
65% corvina, 30% rondinella, 5% sangiovese from a commune in Veneto, Italy. Delicately fruity notes of cherry and red berry fruit with hints of spices. Dry and round, with crunchy red fruit flavors. Lightly spicy, in a well-balanced, fresh and easy-drinking style. It’s delicious when chilled down.
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2012 Grayson Cellars Pinot Noir - $12 per bottle
100% pinot noir sourced from vineyards throughout California. Aromas of rhubarb and plum fruit are framed by toasty oak. Cherry and plum fruit flavors lead to tart, dry and lingering finish.
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2011 Fattoria Bruno Nicodemi Montepulciano d’Abruzzo - $16 per bottle
100% montepulciano, farmed sustainably in Abruzzo, Italy. Aromas of blueberry and cranberry fruit are accompanied with light cocoa notes and leather. Fruit flavors are bright and lush, framed with a lifting acidity that trails to the dry, tannic finish.
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