As sophisticated as it is wild, the 2014 Copain P2 continues this month's series exploring the weird, wild and whacky side of wine. Winemaker Wells Gutherie created just 583 cases of this wonderfully wild blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Only 14 cases made it to Connecticut.

2014 Copain P2
Regular Price - $30.00 the bottle
Wild Price - $25.00 the bottle
It’s the wildest technique I’ve heard of so far. Wells Gutherie, winemaker for California’s Copain Wines, is co-fermenting Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. What he has created is a gorgeous blend that exudes the beauty of ripe stone fruits, fresh raspberries and delicate white blossoms. The palate is soft and luscious with fresh flavors of green melon, white peach red raspberry, and sweet spice. This is the perfect marriage between the floral richness of Pinot Gris and the red fruits and earthiness of Pinot Noir. With a
light tannin and long finish, it could be considered a dark rosé. But I’d consider it a light Pinot Noir and totally worthy of this month’s weird, wild and whacky series.