Once again we’re reading pages of negative press regarding the very difficult growing season in Burgundy. Many producers are giving up on their Grand Cru wines in favor making excellent village level wines and more of it. It’s been a tough couple of vintages for growers in Burgundy. “Tough” can be a little misleading. Many in the media will downgrade a “tough” vintage by giving it a relatively low point score and generalizing the regions as a whole. But what "tough" really means is that the farming conditions were a challenge for the farmers and domaines. The challenge is to produce a wine that is consistent with the standards the domaine set decades before and still remain profitable. That's not easy to do when you have to drop half of your fruit to floor to be sure the fruit that remains can ripen to just the right levels.

It’s likely that 2016 will be downgraded by many critics. A shame really. The good domaines and farmers are going to craft excellent wines. Our challenge will be getting the wines in your hands. It’s likely that quantities will be more limited than ever. One solution is to begin stocking your cellar with some of the fantastic wines from 2012, 2013 and 2014. I’ve put together a laundry list of what’s available. You can browse and purchase from the list by visiting Notes From Our Sommelier. Each week, I’ll publish a feature on the domaines selected for the laundry list. This week’s featured can be read by clicking Domaine Arlaud Feature Article. This is a great opportunity to start that Burgundy collection you’ve always wanted.
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