New Release of Knez Pinot Noir Hits NY
The highly anticipated release of the 2011 Knez Winery "Anderson Valley" Pinot Noir is here. The 2010 vintage swept Connecticut off its feet and disappeared before most knew what occurred. Now, the 2011 just landed in a New York warehouse awaiting shipment to Connecticut. Timing is everything. I was just in the right spot to position us for 28 cases, half of what arrived in NY. I had to pull some strings and call in a few favors but it's worth it. You can pre-order your case right now and secure a piece of the action. Call me at (203) 655 - 9045 or email me.

2011 Knez Winery "Anderson Valley" Pinot Noir
The boys at Knez craft this pinot noir from fruit grown in Cerise and Demuth vineyards. They make a fragrant, floral style of pinot noir with aromas of red cherries, tulip and rose petal. Look for a soft note of black tea leaf and cola that adds depth and intrigue. It's airy on the palate with a subtle toasty finish that finishes silky smooth. This is what can be achieved with minimalistic winemaking in California.
Regular Price - $30 per bottle
Pre- Order - $27 per bottle

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