My sons are the most competitive men I know and the person they like to compete with the most is me. I don’t know how we got into that sort of relationship but here I am, challenged by my youngest son, Peter to try to find good wine bargains. So after five years of stretching my acting and writing chops (with some success I might add) here I am, writing about wine again.

And the challenge Pete gave me was that while he floated around in the stratosphere of the wine world and hobnobbed with the elitist winemakers of France, California and Italy, I, yes, I had the job of finding the best for everyday use at the lowest possible price. Here ya go.

But first a rationale. Some 20 years ago a client would insist, no matter what I tried to offer him, that his wife would drink only chardonnay. And, her favorite chardonnay was Pouilly Fume (which is, of course, sauvignon blanc). That’s all he bought. He was happy. She was happy. Every time I thought about breaking the news to him I thought “why?” They’re happy. We all know someone like that. My Park Avenue sister keeps Cavit Pinot Grigio magnums in her fridge for crying out loud.

The point is that we don’t need to serve the “top of the line” to everyone. So for the neighbor who drinks manufactured wine, or when your sister who doesn’t really care but loves a glass or two or three comes for the weekend or when you want a simple bottle that you might use to poach a fish and drink when you eat the fish, here ya go, Guy Saget Le Petite Perriere Sauvignon Blanc 2012

At just $120.00 a case you can buy this 100% sauvignon blanc for everyday use and for those special guests. The wine has a lovely color that reminded me of a not yet ripe red apple. On the nose there is a slight hint of vanilla and grass with tangy notes on the forward palate and the crisp acidity that you would expect from unblended sauvignon blanc. There are touches of citrus and melon on the finish.

At this low price, it’s not worthwhile to sell it by the bottle so you have to trust me on this – or go halfies with someone. It’s the lowest price allowed in Connecticut and it’s available at that price in February. Yep, $120 the case. Email me at and I’ll make Pete do the delivery. Take that Pete!