The History

In 1995 Nicholas and Robert Troilo (my dad and my brother), launched what would become Connecticut’s largest independently operated wine club. Today, not a single wine is selected for the club unless I, Peter Troilo, approve the pick. What does that mean? It means the wines selected for the club are refined, affordable and genuine. Snooty approach, right? But it’s the only way to ensure the wines we put in your hands are the very best available in the wine market. And the only way I’ll someday get my name on the door.

Are the wines we select any good? No, they’re spectacular, extraordinary. They are hand-crafted, small production wines produced in the spirit of tradition. Just ask the original ten members who have been in the club for almost 20 years.

If you’d like to become a member of one or both of our clubs, please contact us at (203) 655 – 9045 or email us at

The Nicholas Roberts Club
A club for the casual enthusiast
We are committed to selecting wines for The Nicholas Roberts Club that reflect the taste and demands of the club members. As a member, you’ll receive three unique wine selections designed to satisfy your palate for everyday use. The club selections will diversify your palate and introduce you to new labels and styles.

The Nicholas Roberts Club Benefits

  • 3 unique wines delivered to your home or office
  • Reds, whites or mix it up. Your choice.
  • Unbiased tasting notes written by our team
  • 20% discount on monthly selections
  • Invitations to wine dinners and members-only events
  • Early notice of limited production wines

The price of The Nicholas Roberts Club is $60.00 per month (including tax and delivery) within our delivery range. Membership outside the delivery range is $75.00 per month(including shipping & handling and all applicable taxes).

The Next Level Club
A club for discerning collectors
Membership is designed for our clients who are interested in building collections, buying wines for future use or buying wines for commemorative celebrations. The club gives its members substantial value as well as access to the best wines that come to the market each month. Because members of the The Next Level Club will often receive wines made in limited quantities we must limit membership to only sixty (60) members at this time.

The Next Level Club Benefits:

  • 2 unique limited production red wines delivered
  • Complete tasting notes written by our team
  • Designed to help collectors fill in their cellars
  • 25% discount on monthly selections
  • Right of first refusal for limited production wines
  • First notice of extraordinary wine dinners and tastings
The Next Level Club is priced at $100.00 per month (including tax and delivery) within our delivery range. Membership outside our delivery range is $115.00 per month (including shipping & handling and applicable taxes).

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