A Message from the Content Guy

As long as I've been writing about wine on MNB, one of the most consistent questions I've gotten is, "Where do you get all the great wines that you recommend?"

Well, more often than not, I've gotten them - and learned about wine in general - from my local wine merchants, Nicholas Roberts. And now, we've arranged for you to get their wines, too ... through a special MNB Wine Club, powered by Nicholas Roberts. You can sign up to receive three wonderful wines each month, just like I do. Email Managing Director, Peter Troilo, to find out more about the club and how to sign up! The folks at Nicholas Roberts transformed the world of wine for me, and I hope you'll let them do the same for you.

If you'd like to view this month's selections, you can click the Nicholas Roberts logo below. It'll transport you their website and this month's features.

- Kevin Coupe