About Us

At both the shop in Darien, Connecticut and at the worldwide web shop, Nicholas Roberts, Ltd.- Fine Wine Merchants is a special place for enthusiasts of stylish living.

The Darien shop, in existence under various owners since before Prohibition, began a transformation in 1990. That year, Nicholas Troilo, then a Senior Vice President at one of the worldís largest financial services organizations acquired the business as a start of a family enterprise.

Nicholas Troilo - Director, The Nicholas Roberts Group
From his earliest days, Nicholas can recall that a glass of red wine was always a part of a family dinner. His early experience with grand family meals has fed his passion for the stylish and the elegant. Nicholas served in a senior executive capacity for a number of major financial institutions before establishing The Nicholas Roberts Group. He advises a few private individuals on their wine collections, writes a bi-weekly column for the local newspaper and writes feature articles. He holds a BS in Education from Kutztown University. He is an avid reader and an amateur cook.

Robert Troilo - Executive Chef and Managing Director, Nicholas Roberts Fine Foods
After 10 years in the wine shop and with cooking experience in California, Connecticut, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Robert enrolled in the French Culinary Institute and graduated top in his class. He was awarded the prestigious Jacques Pepin Award. Robert has worked with several award winning chefs and has held the position of chef and Executive Chef at various Connecticut restaurants. He graduated from The Fairfield College Preparatory School and received a BS in Business fro Providence College. He enjoys tennis and bicycling and is a skilled skier.

Peter Troilo - Managing Director, Nicholas Roberts Fine Wines
Nothing hits the shelves of our Nicholas Roberts Fine Wines store unless Peter gives the okay. From wine tasting experience and travel to vineyard sites throughout the world, Peter has gained both a sophisticated understanding of the characteristics of good wine as well as an understanding of the desires of the market. Clients throughout the United States trust his palate.
Peter Troilo graduated from The Fairfield College Preparatory School and attended the University of Vermont, Colorado State and graduated with a degree in accounting from Fairfield University. He enjoys golf in the summer, skiing in the winter and fishing year round.

Working together as a collaborative team, the Troilo men and their associates bring to the wine and food industry the years of pleasure they experienced at their own family table. And, as at their family table, every client of The Nicholas Roberts Group (NRG) of companies is viewed as an honored guest. Treating clients as honored guests defines the business approach of Nicholas Roberts, Ltd. ñ Fine Wine Merchants. Itís what makes it a special place for enthusiasts of stylish living.