Franz Haas Manna 2011
Manna, a very individual wine which Franz Haas has dedicated to his wife Maria Luisa Manna, is a blend of riesling, chardonnay, a late traminer aromatico harvest and a small ... more



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Franz Haas Manna 2011
Fall is officially upon us. Bring on the pork roasts, butternut squash, roasted fall vegetables and savory hearty soups. As we transition into the cooler months, I love finding a transitional red to help me ...
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Green Harvest

Viticultural practice which, it is claimed, improves wine quality by encouraging fruit ripening. It is known as éclaircissage or vendange verts (green harvest) in French. Some bunches are removed from the vine and those remaining should in theory ripen more quickly with the benefit of improved leaf to fruit ration. Green harvesting is usually carried out by hand, and is therefore expensive. Mechanical harvesters are occasionally used to thin crops, but here individual berries or parts of bunches are removed. – The Oxford Companion to Wine