4 Tips For Getting More Instagram Traffic!

Instagram is a great marketing tool for reaching out to your customers. You can utilize the platforms to generate traffic to your website, which will ultimately lead to a growing customer base. Many businesses often see that they are not being able to convert leads into sales even after getting traffic through Instagram to their website. In this digital world, every aspect needs to be optimized for best results.

Let us look at four tips that businesses can follow to convert more Instagram traffic.

  • Build an effective landing page

To get your customers to visit your website from Instagram, you have mainly three options:

  • Swipe up option in Instagram stories – You need to make sure that your Instagram story is compelling enough for someone to swipe up. It should have a clear message about the brand and its purpose.
    • Link in bio – You can include a call to action such as “Read more on” or “For more details, visit” when you mention your link in bio. You can promote the presence of the link in your bio through stories and Instagram posts as well.
    • Instagram Advertisements: According to easy social shop, one of the best ways to grow your instagram now a days is through buying instagram story views. Your Instagram Ads must be visually appealing owing to the nature of the Instagram platform. Additionally, there should be a call to action coupled with an incentive to visit your website from the Instagram page. 

Once you have interested leads on your landing page, you need to make sure that your landing page has the necessary information that will engage the potential customer. The language used needs to be persuasive along with a strong call to action buttons. The landing page should be able to communicate all that you need to convert a lead, within 5 seconds to your leads in this age of decreasing attention span. 

  • Synchronize the look of the website and Instagram visuals

You must align the look of the Instagram ads and stories with the website. Else, the customer feels disconnected with what they were looking for. This is not a very intuitive measure but yields excellent results due to the familiarity that the customer has with the brand. Removal of psychological barriers goes a long way in prompting leads to go through the conversion funnel.

  • Create a mobile-friendly page

You need to remember that most of your customers will be scrolling Instagram on their mobile phones and will, therefore, visit your landing page through a mobile browser. A misaligned landing page can throw them off as navigation becomes very difficult through such web pages. Also, ensure that the landing page is not too heavy, and it loads fast. Make your customer’s journey as smooth as possible at every step.

  • Analyze your Landing page traffic and conversions

Tools like Google Analytics give you in-depth detail about the geography, demographics and online behavior of those visiting your website through Instagram. Analyzing these details goes a long way in optimizing your advertisement efforts and remarketing to them to convert the warm leads into a hard sale.

Implement these easy yet effective tips on Instagram and watch your Instagram conversions go up significantly within a short span of time.

Shake Up The Perfect Bloody Mary Recipe

Bloody Mary was first shaken and stirred at a bar in Paris. Fernand Petriot created the classic version in the year 1921. 

Initially, the cocktail was just a concoction of tomato juice and vodka. 

What’s with the exciting name of the cocktail? Perhaps it was named after England’s Queen Mary I. Some believe that it is named after a waitress at a swanky Chicago bar. 

Everyone wishes to be a storyteller, and they are quite good at it! Petriot claims that the original recipe was quite simple and never had a hint of tabasco, salt, and different types of sauces. 

Cocktail aficionados will agree that every place serves an improved and twisted version of the Bloody Mary.  

There are three sets of people in this world. The first set loves to drink Bloody Mary on a Sunday afternoon. The second set of people find the flavors uncanny. The third set doesn’t mind trying out a new invention. 

It is possible that you haven’t gotten the opportunity to taste a delicious Bloody Mary. Here we are to save the day! 

Here’s the perfect Bloody Mary Recipe that you can shake and stir AT HOME. 


For starters, there are five elements in this classic cocktail. 

  • Sour
  • Spicy
  • Umami
  • Spirit

You can let your creativity shine with this drink! There are some replacement ingredients that you can use to create a classic cocktail. 

Required ingredients:

· A pinch of salt

· Grey Goose vodka/Any vodka – 2 parts

· Lemon juice – 1/2 part

· Tomato juice – 4 parts

· Hot pepper sauce or tabasco – 4 dashes

· A pinch of black pepper

· Worcestershire sauce – 4 dashes

· Ice cubes (as per your preference)

· Charred Jalapeno – 1/2

Use garnish as per your liking. One can use aromatic herbs, celery, and ground black pepper. 

Method of Preparation:

Combine all the ingredients, as mentioned above, in a shaker/mason jar (except the vodka). You can also put it in a blender to get a smoother mix. 

Now shake and stir till all the ingredients are well-mixed. Let it rest in your refrigerator for about 30-40 minutes. 

If you are shaking, shake but do not get it frothy. In case you are stirring, the motion has to be vigorous. 

Take two glasses, fill it with ice cubes, and use salt to rim the glasses. 

Add vodka and then pour in the Bloody Mary mix. 

Put a celery stick or any garnishing that you would like. 

VOILA! The cocktail is ready to devour.